There’s more to the iPhone!

May 28, 2007

Macworld. Steve Jobs went on stage and introduced the iPhone to much fanfare. According to our source from an Apple affliate (that shall not be named), Steve left out some of the iPhone’s features out of his Macworld keynote…and at the same time downplayed some the features.

Why would Steve downplay some of the features? Our source says that since the iPhone would be released in June, Apple did not want to affect iPod sales. Apple has not released a new video player version of their iPod since 2005, despite the update to the 5G iPod in 2006.

Here’s the low down:

4 and 8 gig?! There’s more Memory! – The iPhone will be sporting a substantially “larger” flash memory drive that first announced. There will be two models one with about 40% less memory than the other. This explains the the 100 dollar difference in price from the smaller model to the larger. (Note: Makes sense…at the 4 and 8 gig sizes, the Nano size premium is only 50 dollars…why would the iPhone be 100?)

User Replacable Battery – The iPod has been critized by many for not having a way for the user to have the battery replacable by the user. Well, the iPhone guys heard you…at least for the iPhone. The iPhone will sport a way to replace the battery. The lower speaker area of the iPhone slides down to reveal a battery…(this was not featured in the Macworld display model). No more worries of 3 hour battery life.

Wireless N Support – The iPhone features a wireless chipset, which includes draft-N support. Nothing more to say here.

Software – Why was OS X delayed? Maybe because teams have been hard at work on iPhone software? The iPhone will feature variations of iWork and iLife suites. The iPhone variation of iWork will feature word processing, spreadsheets, and a slideshow viewer.

iTunes Streaming – Want to listen to something on your computer that not on you iPhone? iPhone features built in Bonjour (from OS X)! The iPhone will allow you to stream content from an iTunes computer on a Wi-Fi network! You can watch The Incredibles on your iPhone without taking up disk space!

iTunes Store – Ever want to buy those DRM free EMI music on your phone? The iPhone can let you do that! The iPhone features a variation of the iTunes Store, which allows you to buy pretty much anything already available. The service will allow you to download using Wi-Fi internet or if you have internet service through your carrier (AT&T in the USA). The best part is…you can transfer your purchases to your computer. Just as iPhone copies media from your computer, iPhone utilizes iTunes “Transfer Purchases” to copy your recent iPhone/iTunes Store purchases.

Price / AT&T Service Plans – The 500 or 600 buck price point seem a little high? Steve knows it high, but would u buy an iPod in Feburary or March if the price difference between an iPod Video and iPhone wasn’t that great? You might have waited. The iPhone will see a rebate with a 2-year contract and special iPhone plans from AT&T.

With just a few more weeks left to iPhone launch, we shall see what else Steve has to show off. Steve is set to go over these new features and a wrap up of the iPhone at the beginning of WWDC. The iPhone will hit Apple.com/store and att.com/wireless soon after, with retail store following within days. Have fun!


Gmail not so infinite…

March 17, 2007

Gmail is a very popular web based email service by Google. Since opening from beta at 1gb of email storage, the counter on the site has been constantly growing. Nevertheless, a question lingers in our head. How big will it go!?!??!


Niraj Sanghvi says he has the answer:
“The Gmail login page updated to reflect new targets for the amount of space each account gets. The counter on that page is always counting up, and you can actually see what it is counting to. With the new update, here’s the new space targets and how many days until that much space is hit by the counter on the page:

2800MB: Already reached
2835MB: In 18.22 days
2980MB: In 384 days
3125MB: In 749 days
3270MB: In 1114 days
3415MB: In 1479 days
3560MB: In 1845 days

The last target is 3560MB, which is about 3.47GB of space. But that’s over 60 months (5 years) away! But they usually change the targets over time to reach them faster or slower. ”



Skynet runs Windows?!?!?! What a suprise…

March 17, 2007

According to this parodied photo from Terminatior, Skynet is advertized as running Windows Vista. Do I need to say more?

…hmmm maybe makes sense.


Tears for Pandora? SAVE THE STREAMS

March 17, 2007


A recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) is stirring cries in the tech community. “It’s utterly ridiculous,” said Pandora Founder Tim Westergen in a post on blog.pandora.com.

The CRB released a revised internet radio fees last week. It is univerally believed that the RIAA has effectively convinced the board to establish internet radio as a non-viable business. Under the fees, internet radio stations would have to pay heavy fees for typically free to user services.

Pandora screenshot

Pandora, part of the Music Genome Project, itself has 50 million listeners.

“We need your help,” Westergen ended.

We at ViM3.com support Internet radio stations like Pandora and we hope you do to. If you don’t already take advantage of internet radio, we suggest you take a look.

Find out how you can help at savethestreams.com


Singingfish still sings quietly in the background…

March 17, 2007


A little more than a month ago, many were saddened to find when one wanted to navigate to Singingfish, singingfish.com, they were redirected to AOL Video. Singingfish was an audio and video search engine.

The site was launched in 2000 and became the leader in multimedia search. Singingfish was acquired by Thompson Multimedia in 2001, where the company signed deals with Real Networks and Windows Media to provide searching capabilities within the programs.

AOL acquired Singingfish in 2003. Since then they have been committed to integrating the Singingfish engine with AOL search. In Feburary, AOL completely integrated Singingfish into AOL search. Many customers were left confused.

“I logged on to the site and all I got was videos on AOL Video,” said one Singingfish patron.

The multimedia capabilities of Singingfish can now be found in AOL search at search.aol.com. From AOL search, click on “more” to reveal audio and video searches.

Singingfish? Close enough.