Singingfish still sings quietly in the background…

March 17, 2007


A little more than a month ago, many were saddened to find when one wanted to navigate to Singingfish, singingfish.com, they were redirected to AOL Video. Singingfish was an audio and video search engine.

The site was launched in 2000 and became the leader in multimedia search. Singingfish was acquired by Thompson Multimedia in 2001, where the company signed deals with Real Networks and Windows Media to provide searching capabilities within the programs.

AOL acquired Singingfish in 2003. Since then they have been committed to integrating the Singingfish engine with AOL search. In Feburary, AOL completely integrated Singingfish into AOL search. Many customers were left confused.

“I logged on to the site and all I got was videos on AOL Video,” said one Singingfish patron.

The multimedia capabilities of Singingfish can now be found in AOL search at search.aol.com. From AOL search, click on “more” to reveal audio and video searches.

Singingfish? Close enough.

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